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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  November 4, 2013 6:00am-7:01am PST

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you got to love the weekend. it's like everyone came to, "if it's good, let's save it for the weekend." so here's to the kfc ten buck weekend bucket. ten pieces, ten bucks. any recipe. just ten bucks every saturday and sunday. today tastes so good. >> top stories we are following on this monday, november 4th. an overnight crash kills a man in a wheelchair, details on the investigation, coming >> a mother is behind bars and her two children taken away. what police officers found in her motel room which caused them to take action. >> a massive new casino is about to open to the public
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in the north bay. we'll have a live report including how many people are expected to show up for >> hull beautiful is the shot? here's a live look at the san francisco skyline. this is just a degree of both. we will see the upper 40's in downtown san francisco we do have chilly conditions but you can expect a brighter morning. i will break down your afternoon highs coming up. >> we are still watching an accident that is developing in hayward on 880 southbound. it was reported as a minor crash. thankfully, the backup has not grown. this is the only incident that we are tracking so far.
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>> police in san francisco are investigating what led to a collision that killed a pedestrian in a wheelchair this morning. the crash happened in the city's hayes valley neighborhood in the area of market street and octavia boulevard around midnight. this is video from the scene. police say a car hit a person in a wheelchair. the pedestrian was taken to san francisco general hospital and died. the driver of the car remained at the scene. no word on the identity of the pedestrian. c-h-p officers assisted police with traffic control at the octavia boulevard on- ramp to southbound highway 101. >> we just have breaking news for black berry and they are saying that they will abandon sale process, the ceo is out. this is a massive drop for this company. we will have more
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on this with rob black coming up. >> in a story you will see only on kron 4. a mother is in jail this morning after leaving her two toddlers alone in a rohnert park motel room with over the weekend. police initially came to the motel six to drop off diapers and lightly used clothing for 2 children that were staying here. but when he knocked, instead of an adult, a 3 year old answered the door. also in the room, was a one year old. neither of them knew where their mother was. police say 33 year old kendra smith showed up 15 minutes later. but during the time the officer was there waiting. >> he found some drug paraphernalia are in a room as well as knives. things that children cut again harm with. >> the father was arrested for an unrelated incident and during that time he told the officers about his
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hearts ship. they tried to do something good by bringing over diapers but they had to arrest the mother. >> the opening of a new casino and robert apart is happening tomorrothe opening ofo and rohnert park is happening tomorrow. the chp is warning drivers to avoid the area. kron4 jackie sissel is live at the graton resort and casino with an update. >> they have to plead thousand slot machines. because of this, they expect thousands of people to come
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pouring into this casino. as it opens tomorrow the chp is already warning people that this traffic may be an issue. not only here, but also all along 101. they expect about 10,000 and cards to be in the area. there are warning people about this traffic issue. on the good side, they stated that about $9 million-- they're saying and that about 2000 jobs have been created because of this casino. a lot of people were not happy when this was proposed. he now that we are here, we are on the opening --then someone to be interesting to see how the traffic goes and how many people show up. they are
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expecting about 10,000 people to show what. >> >> randy alana will be in court today facing charges that he murdered his ex- girlfriend sandra coke. coke, an alameda county federal investigator, went missing back in august. her body was gone five days later in vacaville. he was arrested for violating his no contact or with coke. during the rest police found him in possession of her car keys in her debit cards. >> coming up on the kron4
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is an unemployed motorcycle mechanic who reasonable to loss angeles from new jersey. his family back these notified and jersey authorities after they became concerned about him being violent. lapd was contacted and officers visited the suspect's home the morning of the shooting but missed him by about 45 minutes. ciancia opened fire ed lax to lead a team as a worker, wounding five others on friday. one woman who knows him said that his story with inmates, spoke to cnn, she says that he was plotting this crime. >> investigators have concluded that he was dropped off at the airport 8 roommate but he says had no knowledge of what he
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plans to do. he is facing charges of murder of a federal officer and committee on violence at an international airport. the fbi says that ciancia is currently in the hospital and is unresponsive. >> new details and a security scare that happened aboard a flight headed for sfo. police arrested a man on suspicion of public intoxication after he allegedly made threats aboard a jet blue flight from long beach to s f o friday night. one passenger said that he screamed " this plane is going down. " once the flight arrived at sfo officers searched the plane and the man's luggage. they did not find anything suspicious. police escorted the passenger off the plane and booked him into a san
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mateo county jail. >> it sounds like the plot of a bad movie. federal authorities say that a gr enarious malaysian businessman nicknamed "fat leonard " obtained u.s. military secrets by at lining up hookers, lady gaga tickets and other bribes for a navy commander. that accusation is unfolding in a federal court case in san diego signal serious national security breaches and corruption. the case has set of high-level meetings at the pentagon, with the threat that more people, including those of higher naval ranks, could be swept up as the investigation continues. >> coming up on the kron4 continues. >> coming up on the kron4 morning news.
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>> 2 planes carrying skydivers collide in air; all escape without major injuries superior, wis. - no serious injuries are reported after two planes carrying skydivers collided in the air last evening over northwestern wisconsin. mike robinson, an instructor and safety adviser for skydive superior, says it happened at 12,000 feet, as the two planes were flying in a common tandem formation. robinson says he and three other skydivers in the lead plane had climbed out onto the step to jump. the plane behind theirs had five skydivers on board, three ready to jump and two still inside the plane. he says they were "just a few seconds away from having a normal skydive" when the planes collided. the impact caused a fireball and sheared off his plane's
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right wing, but all nine skydivers on the two planes were able to jump free. the pilot of one plane ejected using an emergency parachute and suffered minor injuries. the pilot of the second plane landed safely. >> we have traffic issues in the east bay. >> it started out to be just an accident on 880. the first one occurring at east london. in the midst of this back up there was a second crash that occurred. the first accident was cleared and likely the backup would have dissipated but with the second crash is now backing up to 38 in the northbound direction. slow going here for your ride or around the bay. you will see that it is
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not doing very well. 880 southbound is looking good in heavy traffic 4580. here's our look to the bay bridge the me realize have been activated and the back of the started to fill in. your ride to the san mateo bridge highway 92 we are is a debt-free. the golden gate bridge is typically light in both directions >> we are in low 30s. yours rodin and stated that they had frost on their windows. if that is something we haven't seen in a while. we are saying 49 degrees for fairfield. we will continue with breezy conditions. it
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could be fairly gusty along the delta. as for temperatures it will be slightly one today. the temperatures will be slightly warmer than yesterday. you can expect a brighter afternoon. 70's throughout the bay. fairfield will have a high of 71 upper 60s for downtown san francisco we are seeing clear skies and temperatures will gradually warm-up for the next couple of days we will see the temperatures tumble as of right now we're looking at a 20% chance of showers. >> this was the first day of
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the trial for the president and 14 members of the coalition. the trial ended just after it started. houston texans head coac morsi s still the president but they may offer the death penalty but the tri will be adjourned. >> the white house house and the head of the congress is
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rejecting nsa leaker edward snowden's please for a clemency. that would give him a lesser punishment if he would return to the united states. officials say that no offers are being discussed and that he should return to the united states and faces charges. >> the head of the senate intelligence committee is defending the national security agency. the agency is facing the global criticism and claims that it spied on foreign allies. democratic senator dianne feinstein says that the end as a operate under direction of other departments. >> i believe s a is filled with a good patriotic people who want to do the right thing. they follow the orders that they are given.
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the administration controls intelligence. the national intelligence framework is put together by the administration. our priorities are ranked. as i understand it's a these are the priorities of one, terrorism, to, support of our military abroad. 3, nuclear counter proferation, 4, hard targets. and now cyber. those are the main areas. so essentially the end as a is told to do certain things and it does it. >> claims about the u.s. bond on allied leaders and citizens have sparked calls for the u.s. to roll back their surveillance programs. >> some parents in a sacramento suburb are fighting an elementary school policy that makes their children freeze at the
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end of a recess and assume what parents called a victimizing a position. >> officials stated that this is to make the walk back to class more orderly but parents want and this band. they even started a petition. >> our school is doing freeze. a district spokesperson said that they're happy that the parents and the school has came up with an agreement. note parent had voiced their concerns the other schools had this in place. other students and parents were not aware this was going on. >> i do not see a big deal. >> the till mother say that they think a lot of parents to do not even know their kids are even being asked to do this at school. they're
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>> houston texans head coach gary kubiak is said to be alert and in stable condition this morning. kubiak collapsed just after halftime at last night's game against the colts. the team says he didn't suffer a heart attack -- but it's still unclear this morning what exactly happened to him. the 52 year old was conscious and with his family as he was taken to the hospital. the general manager of the texans says kubiak felt light headed and dizzy. but was evaluated by specialists. the texans lost to the colts >> we are watching wall street this morning. futures trading shows all three indexes are positive and at this hour. if the stock market is starting this
6:27 am
month on a strong note. the u.s. manufacturing expanded in october triggered a market upswing on friday. but some investors are expressing skepticism. >> here is a look at the numbers on friday. the dow up 70. the nasdaq up to. the s&p 500 up five. >> twitter is going public this thursday and a social network side faces skepticism from potential investors and the broader public ahead of its initial public offering. 36 percent of americans believe that my stock in the seven year shourd messaging service would be a good investment while 47 percent disagree. all so the poll found that one and five americans have at farmers, we make you smarter about insurance.
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>> welcome back. we are watching wall street. there is big nils about blackberry ousting their ceo. black berry stock is down 15 percent right now. they had a best-they're now is $6. >> at the time is 6:30 a.m.. we will not check traffic. >> we are updating the ride on interstate 880. we had two separate accidents. the traffic is still backed up from to 38. although this is backed up from castro
6:31 am
valley would pick up slowing on interstate 680 south bond with no indication from the chp to why this is slow leading down to a small because of this 580 westbound is backing up coming out of alta mount pass. we are starting to pick up over 40 minutes this is a slower than usual commute. >> let's take a look at some of the traffic. we have very chilly breeze all across the area. take a look at american canyon. this is a chilly of side and people have been writing in stating that they have seen frost. if you have any water stores you can e-mail them to was that and reduc us at a breaking@
6:32 am >> there are rumors flying that the a's could be at at&t in park. kron 4 is live at at&t park with more. >> imagine this, what would you think about a banner that will say that the athletics are also here. major-league baseball is stating that that may happen. right now, that a's lease is going to be ending. there stating that they have
6:33 am
an issue which with where the games will be played next year. what are the chances of them--take a look at at&t park is a very beautiful park but what are the officials have and to say. we will find out. i am guessing everyone will be given us a call because we have been calling them to give them a call to see if this is going to be reality. >> what do you have to actually say about this? you can let us know on our facebook page. >> i think this is going to be weird but i am for sure that the giants collected
6:34 am
have the extra money. i do not think that will complain much about this. >> >> reminder, tomorrow is election day. measure b in san francisco would issue a $195 million bond, to fix up 21 parts of the city. and and the san mattel-foster city school district they are duly and campaigns for and against a $130 million bond to address overcrowding. that is measured peak periods of residence in the belmont- redwood shores school
6:35 am
district will be decided on bruno until education parcel taxes for 10 years. that is measured are. brisbane residents are considering measured t, an increase on a business license tax for liquid storage facilities. and pacifica it is measured indeed an amended telecommunications tax there requires a majority of votes. imports toll valley residents are voting on reducing the utility tax from 5.5% to 4.5% and that is a measure q. a partial tax proposal and atherton known as measured next. foster city residents are deciding on measured u, a business license tax. >> a bizarre accident snarled traffic on the bay bridge for several hours. the chp said that a man got out of his car while he was on the span and ran into traffic a little after 10:00
6:36 am
a.m.. he was hit by a muni ban on the incline of the westbound direction. traffic was blocked for more than half an hour while the scene was cleared. the man was injured in the collision and was transported to sever cisco general hospital. no word yet on his condition. >> new details about the vallate manner assisted living facility that abandon more than a dozen of its patients. california law requires assisted living facilities to make their licensing paperwork easily viewable to the public. however, reports have found that consumers are granted a little access. officials say that this information was under lock and key due to the confidentiality concerns. >> police are investigating the fatal shooting in san jose. this is just after 4:00 a.m. on sunday when police responded to a man
6:37 am
who was shot on morrison avenue near west san for an industry. whereas relatives of the victim, a man in his 30s, drove into the hospital where he later died. officers are not releasing his name was say that the suspect was known to the victim. >> coming up on the kron4 morning news old span of the bay bridge could start coming down this week. also ahead, millions of visitors passed through chicago o'hare airport every year, but one visitor in particular has captured a lot of attention. we will explain. >> a special guest shows up at the new york city marathon. that story's next.
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a juicy jumbo beef patty loaded with hickory smoked bacon and melting cheese plus fries and a drink for just $4.99. but this isn't a dream. it's just a video from my last birthday party. >> welcome back. the time6:40 a.m.. the new york city marathon of return after a one-year absence with big crowds,-security and a familiar champion. jegeoffrey mutai successfully defended his title, while fellow lke nyan priscah jeptoo cat from
6:41 am
behind to win the women's race. fans again packed 26.2 mi. course. the 2012 new york city marathon was canceled because of the devastation of super storm sandy, but not before many new yorkers work and raised by initial plans to hold the race. the race and drew a record of more than 50 dolphin people to start race. >> and clothing jesus spotted at the new york city marathon. this guy and costume got the attention of many people along the 2.6 to ma route. the side of the messiah among a parted see of runners was reported by dozens of witnesses. >> tell us what you think by joining the conversation on
6:42 am
our facebook page. >> we will be right back. coming up, the biggest gun show in northern california takes place right here in the bay area. plus, we will have more on the forecast.
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>> welcome back. the time is 6:45 a.m.. over the next week, we should see the first phase of the demolition of the old span of the bay bridge. the contractor has been doing a lot a prep work which includes removing the couple of inches of asphalt on the upper deck. the plan this week is to begin demolishing 1,400 ft. on the upper deck of the bridges cantilever. >> officials say that crews are dealing with a 77 year- old bridge so they have to be very careful about how they handle the weight of the bridge. the first phase of the demolition is expected to take six weeks to complete. >> we're adding to the list
6:46 am
of hot spots. the westbound ride has a drive time up to a parted minutes instead of 22. this is from hercules and to berkeley. there is a crash in part know that is adding to the delays. there have been several minor incidents for the east shore commute. we are still seen delays because of a pair of accidents at wynton and a street. there are delays also for the 580 west were commute. there is a new accident at a livermore that is taking some of the pressure off this stretch of roadway. it is now backed up into the san ramon valley area. here we have heavy
6:47 am
traffic in the southbound direction which is quite rare >> the bay bridge, was about we are looking at a fairly slow commute. about an 11 minute drive time coming from the nimitz. the san mateo bridge, highway 92 has have not yet been notified by the chp. it is clearly a problem and we will investigate that. the golden gate bridge has volume up but no delays 41 01 southbound. >> we will start out with a live look at sfo. they have clear skies and we're not saying in the delays on arriving flights but however, it is cold outside
6:48 am
take a look at the temperatures we're seeing 30 is currently an vallejo. concord has a high of 38 degrees. the rest of us are in the 40's. as we head into afternoon warm things up. take a look at all of the '60s. as we head into afternoon will start to see 70's along the delta. putting the clock into motion by 8:00 p.m. tonight the temperatures will be back in the upper 50s, low 60's. overall pretty cool conditions. >> we will see a few low 70's and develop. 69 degrees out in antioch and your 7 day round the bay shows a gradually warmer weather over the next couple of days but will cool things down. sunday will have a 20% chance of rain.
6:49 am
>> we are watching wall street with rob black. the dow is up 29 points. the black berry it, they have been hammered. >> i fake i ran them over on a road. no one really cares about this company fundamentally. it may be a new story to you. we once cared about aol and we once cared about-s the same thing goes with black berry. they moved forward fast, i read that report were comcast is also losing people but broad
6:50 am
a ben subscribers. they start changing, might city offers a broad band for free. why should i pay for. >> there will be a lot of destruction along the way. will black berry get acquired by microsoft, who cares. >> powerhouses like facebook and twitter going public on thursday. >> i spoke with one of my neighbors and i wanted to know if she uses facebook, she says no. facebook has problem with keeping younger people. snapchat is gone.
6:51 am
instagram you can control your image. >> this is what we will start to watch and austria. we want to see how thi sale wenone wall street. we are wondering how the sale went at wal-mart over the weekend. >> we would check back with rob at 9:15 a.m.. >> the biggest gun show in northern california wrapped up over the weekend at the cult cow palace, despite a
6:52 am
recent attempt to keep it from taking place. state senator mark leno pass the bill which would have required both san francisco and san mateo county supervisors to approve them gun show at the cow palace. many of those attending the show had mixed feelings on the issue. >> bobleno sestet his next pepys to talk with the brown administration in order to better understand why his bill was vetoed. >> here's a live look outside at walnut creek.
6:53 am
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>> welcome back. >> moments ago we saw stop and go conditions and the drive times are over 18 minutes. you should use the dumbarton bridge of this is your normal commute. >> some san francisco residents are turning to a dorm style living in exchange for a better lifestyle in the city. the so-called micro apartments are aimed at helping solve san francisco's housing shortage and rising rental prices. they're typically 220 square feet and include a bath room kitchen and closet. urban planners think
6:57 am
this trend will catch on with residents living in smaller spaces, but to enjoy an upscale parks, shopping and neighborhoods. city officials have agreed to build 375 micro units as a test. >> there is an alligator in terminal 3 (laughter). >> a special visitor spotted at chicago's o'hare airport or the weekend. an alligator! authorities are investigating how the creature that there. the gator will be treated for about six months because authorities say that it appears that the owner did not see it properly. after that, it will likely be given to a reptile park. >> coming up on the kron4 morning news at 7:00 a.m.. a
6:58 am
robbery suspect targets ate yogurt shop over the weekend. we will have the details. >> plus, of the oakland a's might be playing on a different turfs soon. >> we have new details about the stanford alum who turned pro and went a wall with the dolphins. [ male announcer ] some things are simply better at home. like the enticing aroma and distinctive taste of nespresso.
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>> the top stories that we're following on this monday, november 4th. and overnight crash kills a man in a wheelchair, details on the investigation coming up. >>